About Us

By supporting its presence in the stainless steel market with its extensive customer portfolio of professional experience, It is a model family company that aims to contribute to the employment of the country with confidence, quality and effective working principle.

In order to achieve the targeted quality, we have to be flexible in human relations with our colleagues, to be able to produce together, to have an open and dynamic struggle for innovation, and accordingly we have a principle of perfectionism.

Our company is established on Perşembe Pazarı which is the heart of industrial material market. In addition to keeping up with changing technological conditions for customer satisfaction and senior business relationships, it has proven its quality and permanence in the market by renewing factory and workplace conditions. We will continue to serve our new factory with 10.000 m2 closed area and 3.000 m2 open space potential by expanding the machine park starting from 2013 in GEBZE ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL AREA ...

We want to contribute to the improvement of our country's import and export sector besides providing the best service to you in our sales office which focuses on domestic and international wholesale and retail marketing services and needs determination.

Our founder is our father SÜLEYMAN ENGİN has been in the sector since 1970; durability, and experience in the market by supporting investments with growth and development; it continues to support .../p>

Engin Metal